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A Greener Tomorrow

Ok - this one's a little off the topic of living greener. This is my experiement at entrepreneurship, and I'm definitely still just learning. So I was really interested to learn more about the pilot for a new series on entrepreneurship called "Unstrapp'd". You can watch the trailer here and if you comment on it, you could win an Apple iPod (and yes, so could I by suggesting the link to you). Certainly an interesting way to draw people to your TV idea.

Personally, I think this is a perfect idea for Current TV, but I'm guessing they're going for a larger network.

Treehugger has an article on how driving 5.4 miles less per day could reduce our dependence on oil and negate the need to drill in the Gulf. Most of this driving is done for social interactions or shopping. While I don't think we need to become hermits, I think we do need to rethink how we socialize and how our cities are laid out to keep it all closer to home. And I also support the idea of buying online and through our networks, instead of driving across town to purchase from the big boxes. What are your thoughts?