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Changing for our children

I always cared about our impact on the environment, but allowed myself to compromise my beliefs for my career. That's why I am committed now to a career in harmony with my beliefs.

I started Your Green Home Resource as a melding of my beliefs and my passions: we need to reduce our dependency on greenhouse-gas producing energy sources, we need to leave the world a better place for our children, and I want to help others. Your Green Home Resource educates and coaches families as to what steps they can take and supports them as they begin the journey to reducing their carbon footprint. We do not force anyone into a choice they are not comfortable with, and we do not judge if a family decides they are not ready to take a particular step at this time. It is a learning process, and one action leads to another.

YGHR is also a melding of companies I believe in:

My background and my heart is in construction, and I am passionate about helping families tackle do-it-yourself projects on their own to understand and control the materials and methods and save money doing it. I do this as an Eco$mart Representative, and am able to help families make green choices for their homes, whether with energy-efficient appliances and solar water-heating, or products that promote healthier in-door air. I can help you find the best choice for more insulation, better windows or new flooring. I can help you do it yourself or find the right contractor to do it for a great price.

But I also believe that what we put into our body and clean our houses with is vital to our health and the planet's health, so I also represent Shaklee as an Independent Consultant. As the first US company certified Climate Neutral, Shaklee is a company I can be proud to educate like-minded people about. 2010 is the 50th Anniversary of Basic H, their flagship non-toxic cleaner, and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Basic H was the first non-toxic cleaner approved by the Earth Day organization.

Better yet, Shaklee is a business I can pass on to my children some day - it doesn't end with me. So the passion I have for making the world a better place won't be the only thing I pass on - I can help them make money while they make the world a better place, too.

I'm also looking to help schools and organizations raise money with Back2Tap, an organization devoted to educating people that our tap water IS good and better for our bodies and the environment than purchasing water in plastic bottles, trucked in from miles away. Back2Tap offers plain, pre-printed or custom-printed stainless steel bottles, SnakTaxis and WrapMats for a waste-free lunch. They can offer great prices and the educational information to help your group raise funds today. Feel free to contact me for more information.

I don't support "greenwashing" - overstating the environmental benefits of a product or service, but I also don't expect people to go cold turkey and give up everything. Start slowly and try something new every 6 months, for example. Don't refuse to take the first step because the 100th step will be difficult. Take 99 and then see how bad number 100 will be.

And know I will be there with you, offering encouragement and advice as long as you need me.

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